Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Our first Paint and Play Furniture Day

Today was our first Paint and Play Furniture Day painting class and what a great day it was! Kathy and I had the best 5 students. They were creative, hardworking, and so much fun. We couldn't have picked a greater bunch...

Meet Liz. She selected the bottom half of a Hoosier cabinet for her piece of furniture.

After a little chipping creme she covered the piece with Country Living Peppercorn. 


More sanding...

Meet Mom and son, Paula and Allan.

Paula did a great little cabinet in Country Living Candy Apple Red and Peppercorn.

Dry brushed a little black on the edges.

She had a little to much fun with the power sander!

A little walnut Liberon wax and beautiful!
Allan choose a great drop leaf table.
After a coat of country Living Peppercorn, chipping creme and Bayberry on top, off to the sanding station.

More sanding.

Beautiful, finished with a couple of coats of polyacrylic.

Love Jennifer's chair. Perfect for their cabin.

1 coat of Country Living Mustard.

Finished with a coating of Liberon med. oak wax. This is what I call "instant gradification"